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A revolution in Solar and UPS technologies…DSP/Microcontroller based technologies…Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), Power Factor Correction (PFC), UPS Management Software..and more. With an amazing list of advanced features. Powerful, Simple, User friendly, Environment friendly and Hi-tech UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Systems, Solar PCUs (Solar Power Conditioning Units) and MPPT & PWM Charge Controllers with international quality, features and looks – coming from a Bangalore based technology leader in its segment….for a price that is less than the least in the market...
With India playing a prominent role in today's globalised market place, it has become an absolute necessity for any business to use and incorporate the best and latest in technology. With cutting edge technology products, UNIPAR ENERGY SYSTEMS (P) Ltd.,(UESPL), an ISO 9001:2000 certified, leading manufacturer of online UPS Systems, provides solutions for all your power problems, helping you to keep focused in maintaining your competitive edge.

UESPL - Pioneer in the field of Power Electronics with vast experience and technical skill set- has grown to the expectation of the industry since 1995 to serve the customers with the State-of-the-art-technology developed by our R&D department to excel in the production of power protection, conditioning and generation systems. As a result, Unipar manufactures some of the most advanced Online UPS System and Sinewave Inverter in India.

Now, Unipar has established itself as a Pioneer and Leader in Solar PCUs, Solar Inverters and Solar Charge Controllers. We installed our first MPPT based On-Grid PCU in 2011, near Bengaluru. It was a 10kVA PCU with total dependence on Solar Power and has been working since then without even a single technical glitch. We are one of the very few and first manufacturers to have designed and implemented MPPT (Maximum Power Point tracking) technology in charge controllers in India. Having launched a ‘Solar Max Hybrid Home UPS’ in Jan 2012 – the only Solar UPS with true current sharing between Grid and Solar - and now in 2013, an MPPT based control unit (iSoCCU – intelligent Solar Conversion and Control Unit) to convert existing home ups into solar based ups/inverters, Unipar has captured Leadership and imagination of both the industry and users. Today, Unipar is one of the prominent Solar Home UPS and Solar Inverter manufacturers in India.

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  • "We have been using Unipar 5KVA UPS for the last 5years. Their service rendered has been extremely good and has been always been prompt ontime. We would always recommend their service just for their sheer quality and service rendered."
    - Tarams Software Technologies Pvt Ltd