Solar Converter – intelligent Solar Conversion and Control Unit

This is our Flagship product in our Solar range. iSoCCU is meant for converting any existing UPS/Inverter into an efficient Solar Inverter. It has a DSP based MPPT charger with an efficiency of 98%. It boasts of a high Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) and the widest range of Vmpp. The LCD displays MPPT On/Off status, MPPT o/p voltage, MPPT o/p current and all Trip messages. In the next version we will also be displaying the ‘Units generated’ from Solar energy.

The most outstanding feature of this product is that it controls not just the mains (EB) voltage but also the Mains Charger which is in the existing inverter. This is achieved by a Patent pending technology which simplifies a complex algorithm connecting the Mains-UPS Charger-UPS output-DC Load-AC load & Battery. By tracking the battery voltage based on multiple parameters, this unit intelligently disconnects-reconnects DC Load, Mains voltage and the Mains Charger, automatically. It is available in 12V and 24V with 10A and 20A charging current versions in both.

iSoCCU – using MPPT charge controller

Battery Voltage



Panel Voltage Nominal (V)



Maximum Open circuit Voltage (Voc)




14V -40V

28V -60V

Charger Type

MPPT Charger

Maximum Charging current (from Solar)


Maximum Panel Wattage (Wp)



Mains Auto disconnect voltage

14.6V ±1%

29.2V ±1%

Mains Auto Reconnect voltage

11.8V ±1%

23.6V ±1%

UPS charger Disabling

MPPT current set @3A

UPS charger Enabling

MPPT current set @2A

LCD Parameters

MPPT Output Voltage, MPPT Output Current

* The nominal voltage given is applicable only for Normal Poly crystalline panel with max Voc 22V/44V

For other types of panels with non standard Vmp & Voc like in mono crystalline  refer only Vmp & Voc

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