Solar PCU & Inverter Manufacturer

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified, leading manufacturer of Solar PCUs, Online UPS, Sinewave Inverters and MPPT Charge Controllers, using latest in Digital Technology, since 1995. We manufacture the complete range of UPS Systems – 500VA to 400kVA, in all types – ONLINE, LINE INTERACTIVE and DOMESTIC INVERTERS. Today we are a leading and prominent Solar Inverter Manufacturer in India. Microprocessor based Digital technology, IGBT Rectifier and Inverter, LC Displays, Power Factor correction., Power Management UPS software – these are some of the futuristic features that we employ in our products.

We have a wide client base which include Government & Defence bodies, Software Companies, Hospitals, Colleges and large public and private corporates through out India who are using our systems with utmost satisfaction. We also export our products to Nepal and Sri Lanka

The road to our success is through the advanced features of our product, high reliability, efficient production and optimum customer service. Our strength lies in the professional & technically skilled manpower, which is organized and structured. Our factory is systematically designed and located in the prime part of the city with all the modern equipments and well-maintained inventory.

The focus we give in working with systems and processes approach has resulted in the company getting certified with ISO 9001:2000 QMS standards, by ICS, as early as in the year 2001.

Equally, we have been supported and respected by our vendors. UESPL products have been tested and certified by Electronic Test and Development Centre (ETDC), Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), PCQuest labs (PCQ labs), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and a few other testing labs as well, which stands as a testimonial of our quality technology products.

Mission and Philosophy

" Our mission is to grow as a company, providing globally competent power electronic products and solutions driven by integrating and innovating the best in technology. In the process we aim to help the community and society we are growing in and the nature around us, contribute to our country in its vision of becoming a developed nation and generate and distribute lasting wealth among ourselves and to all those help us do it.

All along we will hold on to high values and integrity maintaining highest standards of business ethics.

Company strongly believes that it has to keep high levels of commitment to four pillars on which it is resting and growing –viz.,The CUSTOMERS, The VENDORS, The EMPLOYEES and The GOVERNMENT. We are commited to fulfill this and help all these entities to grow and make our relations with them, strong & profitable.
  • "We have been using Unipar 5KVA UPS for the last 5years. Their service rendered has been extremely good and has been always been prompt ontime. We would always recommend their service just for their sheer quality and service rendered."
    - Tarams Software Technologies Pvt Ltd