UPS Sizing Calculation

Add the power consumption of all the equipments that need to be connected, referring the load chart. Your UPS capacity should be 20-25% more than this figure.

Example 1: 30Pcs with 15” Monitors, 2 laser printers and 1inkjet printer
Power consumption = 30x300 + 2x1050 + 1x100 = 9000+2100+100
= 11200VA
=>15kVA UPS will be ideal in this case. (in case of Unipar UPS, a 10kVA will do the job, but since you are above the border, a 15kVA is strongly advised.

Example 2: 6Tubes, 2 Fans, 4CFLs, 1PC, 1inkjet printer, 1Mixer

Power Consumption = 6x70 + 2x100 + 4x30 + 1x300 + 1x100 + 1x 700
= 1840 VA

Here, since this UPS will be for a Home use, a 1400VA shoud be sufficient, since usage of all these loads simultaneously will be rare. But if you are planning to use all these together and if you do not want your PC to reboot during a power failure in such a situation, then you will need a 2000VA Home UPS
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