CFL Inverter

Tiny Power House

Like the tiny istrument that reflects the ferociousness of omnipotent Shiva....the beatings of which reverberates through the universe when brought alive... Damaru...the little, but powerful gadget that solves the power problem that you face and bring light to your lives!

Ten Outstanding Features

  • Fully controlled by Microcontroller
  • SMPS Charger
  • Charges from as low as 100V AC to as high as 270V AC
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Battery over discharge protection
  • Solar compatible
  • 50W/100W models
  • East charging of mobiles


You may connect upto 3CFLs of 15W each to an 50W unit.

The high quality 7AH SMF (VRLA) battery lasts upto 8hrs with a single CFL on a full charge.

It takes about 6hrs for recharge after a complete discharge

  • "We have been using Unipar 5KVA UPS for the last 5years. Their service rendered has been extremely good and has been always been prompt ontime. We would always recommend their service just for their sheer quality and service rendered."
    - Tarams Software Technologies Pvt Ltd